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Click on Report and select timesheet in the main menu. Click on settings on the right hand side. In the popup, configure the settings for smart timesheets.

Timesheet start day 

Select which day of the week to start your timesheets on and if you want technicians to submit timesheets daily or weekly. You can also make job number mandatory when adding a manual timesheet. 

Timesheet reminders 

Select if you want to send automatic SMS reminders to technicians to submit their timesheets. All SMS will be charged as indicated in your plan. The reminder SMS will be sent to technicians who haven't submitted their timesheet the day before the Timesheet week start day.

Smart rules for timesheets

The Technicians timesheet for the day is calculated automatically and off job time is added between jobs thought the day. In the Timesheet settings you can setup rules for rounding, overtime, RDO and unpaid lunch break. 

Open the Timesheets in Reports - Timesheets and click on the orange settings link on the right to open the settings popup. In here you can set the day that your timesheets start.

When you select a rounding interval for timesheets, the start time is rounded back to the previous interval and the end time forward to the next interval. 

Technicians timesheet

The technicians will see a green start button for each job on mobile. They click this to start and end the timesheet for the job. The timesheet is created after they click finish at the end of the job. The timesheet is visible to schedulers in the timesheet report and on the job.

Job Start button

When the technician clicks the start button on a job it automatically 

  • Sets the job status as selected in settings - this only works if the current status of the job is before the status set by the Start button

  • Adjust the start time of job on the schedule

  • Calculates the off job time from the end time of the previous job

  • Rounds the timesheet back to the nearest interval

Job Finish button

When the technician clicks Finish 

  • They are asked to select a job status

  • The end time of the job is adjusted to the current time

  • The start and end time is adjusted for all technicians on the job

  • Rounds the timesheet forward to the nearest interval


Send SMS reminder to technicians to submit timesheets

Learn more about smart timesheets

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