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Clock in to start a shift

Use the start / stop clock to log a shift with Smart timesheets

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Smart timesheets has been improved with a start shift functionality to clock in at the start of the shift and clock out at the end. This is useful when you have staff that start in the office or the warehouse rather than on a job.

Schedulers can see in the calendar when Technicians Clock In

If your technicians always start the day with a job, you can keep using the job timesheets only, starting a job will also clock in for the day.

Technicians workflow

  1. At the beginning of the working day click Clock In - this will be the start time for your shift

  2. Start and finish the jobs for the day same as now by using the Start travel or Start job buttons on the job - this will add a timesheet to the job same as now

  3. You can also add service time to Assets to log time on assets same as now

  4. Click Clock out to take an unpaid break for lunch, click Clock In when the lunch break is over

  5. At the end of the working day click Clock out - this will be the end time for your day

If a technician doesn't Clock Out at the end of the day the end time will be set to the end of the last job, same as before the Clock In/Out feature.

Edit timesheets

Click on the timesheet link to open the timesheets for the week. Click on a timesheet to edit, or click on the x on the right to delete it.

Call out jobs

To start a callout job or second shift on the same day, follow the same steps as above. Click Clock start at the start of the shift and Clock stop at the end.

If you forget to clock in

When you click Start travel or Start job, the clock is automatically started. Any time before the first job timesheets is not added so you will have to add this manually or ask a scheduler to add it.

If you forget to clock out

Open the last timesheet for the day and change the end time or add a manual timesheet, check clock out after this timesheet to make this the last timesheet of the day and clock out when it ends. Click save to save the changes.

Clock out after timesheet

Hide Clock In/Out

If you don't want to us the Clock In/Out feature, but still use Smart Timesheets to start and finish jobs, you can hide Clock In/Out in Timesheet settings. This will add job time and off job time between jobs - same as before, with no option to add off job time before or after the first and last job for the day.

Open Timesheet Settings by clicking on the cog on the right, Under Smart rules, uncheck Show clock In / Out

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