Check, export, change and delete timesheets in the Timesheet Report and on the job page

View and edit timesheets on the timesheet report

To edit a timesheet on the Timesheet report, open the Timesheet report from the menu on the left

Click on the detailed tab to see all timesheets. Use the search filters at the top to find the timesheets that you want to see.

Download or email timesheets

Download the timesheets as a PDF or CSV (spreadsheet) file using the button on the right.

Use the email button to email the timesheets to your technicians for review.

Edit or delete timesheets

Click on the edit link in the action column to make changes to a timesheet entry

Make changes in the popup and click save at the bottom. To delete the timesheet, use the delete button on the bottom right

Note: New timesheets can only be added on a job or in the Mobile App

Off job time

Off job time is added automatically between jobs to fill the gaps where a technician was clocked In, but not working on a job. If you delete off job time the technician will be clocked out from the previous timesheet.

For example,


Add and edit timesheets on a job

1. Open the job and click on the items tab

2. Add timesheet

Click the + Add timesheet to add a timesheet for one technician or + Add timesheet for team button to add a timesheet entry for each tech n the job.

3. Select time for the timesheet

In the popup select the details for the timesheet entry and click save. If you're using smart timesheet, unpaid break and overtime will be added according to your settings.

4. Copy to billable

Select the timesheets to copy to billable and click the copy to billable button. The billable hours on the job will be copied to billable items using the Service Code from Inventory selected for the timesheet.

Tip: you can set a default service code for each technician in settings - staff, if you need more than one default service code you can use the shift feature to select different shifts for your teams. For more information about using the shift feature have a look at Manage shifts for teams

Add a job to a timesheet

Technicians can edit timesheets in the field using the Timesheet link on Mobile. Click on the timesheet to edit and change time or job as needed. Then click save to update the timesheet.

For more information about adding, editing and submitting timesheets in the field see Add, edit and submit timesheets from the field

It is not possible for schedulers to change the job on a timesheet, if you need to change the job on a timesheet, ask the technicians to change it, or delete the timesheet and create a new timesheet on the job.

Add a timesheet on a job in the office (scheduler)

Open the job and click on the items tab. Click on Add timesheet to add a timesheet for one technicians, or Add team timesheet to add a timesheet for all technicians on the job.

In the popup, set the timesheet details as needed and click Save

To edit or delete a timesheet on a job, click on the Edit link to the right of the timesheet to open the popup

Delete a timesheet

Open the Detailed timesheet report and click on the edit link to the right for the timesheet that you want to delete. Use the search filters to find the timesheet.

In the popup, click on the Delete button to delete the timesheet

Tip: Can't see the field that you need to edit?

If you can't see the field to edit, check in Settings - System fields that the field is set to visible:

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