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Add and edit timesheets from the office
Add and edit timesheets from the office

Add and edit timesheets as a scheduler

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Check, export, change and delete timesheets in the Timesheet Report and on the job page

View and edit timesheets on the timesheet report

To edit a timesheet on the Timesheet report, Go to Timesheets on the left panel and choose Detailed.

On the Horizontal menu click on the Detailed tab to see all timesheets. Use the search filters at the top to find the timesheets that you want to see.

Timesheets can be downloaded as PDFs, CSVs, or emailed.

Download the timesheets as a PDF or CSV (spreadsheet) file using the button on the right. You can also use the email button to email the timesheets to your technicians/staff for review.

Edit or Delete timesheets

To make adjustments to a timesheet, either click on the orange button Day / Start / End.

Once clicked, there will be a pop up message where you can delete and edit the timesheets or even add a notes.

Off job time

Off job time is added automatically between jobs to fill the gaps where a technician was clocked In, but not working on a job. If you delete off job time the technician will be clocked out from the previous timesheet.

For example,


Add and Edit timesheets on a job

Go to Jobs on the left panel and choose All. Open the Job# where you want to add a timesheet.

And on the Horizontal menu click the + Add timesheet button to add a timesheet for a single technician, or the + Add timesheet for team button to Add a timesheet entry for each technician and the job.

Select time for the timesheet

In the popup select the details for the timesheet and click save. If you're using smart timesheet, unpaid break and overtime will be added according to your settings.

Copy to billable

Check the box of the timesheets to copy to billable and click the Copy to billable button. The billable hours on the job will be copied to billable items using the Service Code from Inventory selected for the timesheet.

Prices will be taken from your default inventory pricing.

Tip: you can set a default service code for each technician in Settings - Staff, if you need more than one default service code you can use the shift feature to select different shifts for your teams. For more information about using the shift feature have a look at Manage shifts for teams

Tip: Can't see the field that you need to edit?

If you can't see the field to edit, check in Settings - System fields that the field is set to visible:

How to add, edit and submit a timesheet from mobile

For more information about adding, editing and submitting timesheets in the field see

It is not possible for schedulers to change the job on a timesheet, if you need to change the job on a timesheet, ask the technicians to change it, or delete the timesheet and create a new timesheet on the job.

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