This is part of the Smart Timesheets feature on the TeamINSIGHT add on. Contact us to upgrade your plan.

Log travel time on a job using the Start Travel button.


Select a job status for travel time

Click on Reports - Timesheets to open the Timesheet report from the main navigation. Click on the settings link in the top right hand corner to open the Smart Timesheet settings. Check Show Start travel button and select the job status to set when the technicians clicks this button

Add a service code for billable travel time

1. Add a Travel service item to inventory

Open Inventory - Services and click the Add Service button. Add a service item code, purchase and sales price. Click save to save the item to your inventory.

2. Assign the travel service code to the technician

Open settings - staff and click on the technician that you want to set a service code for. In the Service section select the Default Service code (to charge for jobs) and the Travel Service Code

Copy Travel time to Billable items

The travel time will be logged as a separate timesheet on the job. To add the travel time to billable items check the travel time and click the copy to billable button.


Log Travel time to a job on Mobile

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