As soon as a timesheet is created it will show up in the timesheet report for the scheduler to see. With the Approval flow for Smart Timesheets schedulers can see the status daly or weekly timesheets and approve/decline them. 

Technicians add and submit timesheets from the field, using the start button or manually on the timesheet page. Off-job time is added between jobs and overtime, lunch and RDO is added . You can also setup Automatic reminders for technicians to submit timesheets when they are due. If you are not familiar with the Smart Timesheet feature have a look at Getting started with smart timesheets first.

Timesheet workflow

  1. Technicians add timesheet in the field on jobs (using the start finish button or manually)

  2. At the end of the timesheet period, send an automatic reminder to the technicians to submit their timesheets (optional)

  3. Technicians checks their own timesheets and make any edits as needed

  4. When the technician is happy with the timesheet they click submit. Timesheet can not be added or edited after they have been submitted

  5. The scheduler checks the timesheets in the office and Approves or Declines the submitted timesheets

    1. If a technicians has made a mistake, set the timesheets to Declined - this allows the technician to edit the timesheets and re submit the timesheet period

Check the status and approve a timesheet

Click on Repots - Timesheets and select the daily tab. Each technician will show one of the following statues:

  1. Pending - timesheet is not due yet

  2. Late - timesheet is due but have not been submitted -if reminders are enabled the technician would have been sent an SMS reminder

  3. Submitted - timesheet has been submitted ready to be checked

  4. Approve / Decline - this status is set by the scheduler

For more information about Smart Timesheets see:

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