Billing time on jobs

Add time to billable items and show timesheets on Invoices or reports

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Add timesheets to billable items

On the job page, click the Items tab.

Check the timesheets to copy to billable and click the Copy to billable button.

Please note that service items pricing is taken when the timesheet is created, if the item pricing is changed in inventory after the timesheet has been created, the pricing will not get updated on the timesheet.

Automatically add timesheets to billable items

You can also add technicians' time to job items automatically when they click Finish on a job in the field. To set this up, open Timesheet settings and check Automatically add all timesheet hours to billable items in the Smart rules section

Technician service codes

Select a default service code on the Staff page for each technician.

Edit service code on a timesheet (Scheduler)

Click on the Edit link to the right of the timesheet, select a service code from the dropdown and click Save to update the timesheet.

Optional: Technicians can select a service code manually when creating the timesheet, show the Service code field on timesheets for technicians to set their own service codes. Enable by showing the Service code on Timesheets in Settings - Systems Fields

Add a new Service code

Service codes are the same as Service items - to add additional service codes - add another service items in Inventory

Show timesheets on Report and Invoices

To show the timesheets on a Service report or Invoice open Settings template

Check Show team timesheet

  • Show service code will show a column for service code

  • Show billable time - check this for documents that you send to the customer to show the billable time instead of the timesheet time

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