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How to add, edit and submit a timesheet from mobile
How to add, edit and submit a timesheet from mobile

Add, edit and submit timesheets from the field

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There's a few different ways to add a timesheet on the mobile app.

You can simply click the start button on a job or add a manual timesheet with or without a project or job.

First, open the job and click the blue START TRAVEL button on the job. This will start the timer and update the job status so the schedulers can see that you are on your way to the job.

Once you’re at the job site, click the START JOB button to set the job status so the schedulers will see that you’ve arrived at the job site.

Click Finish when the job is done to add the timesheet and set the job status

Manually add or edit a timesheet:

  • To manually add the time with or without a job project, you need to tap the + plus sign button.

  • Fill out the timesheet, then click Save at the bottom to save it.

  • To view your timesheets for the week/day, select the Timesheets link in the daily or weekly views, accordingly.

You can edit the timesheet by clicking on it. Please remember, before submitting, you need to double-check the timesheets because once submitted, they cannot be changed. To submit your timesheets after you're done, click save at the bottom of the screen.

If you submit a timesheet in error and need to make changes, ask the admin/scheduler to decline it so you can revise it and resubmit it.

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