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Clock in/out for Technicians
Clock in/out for Technicians

Tracking your Time and Technicians workflow

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For each job, the technicians will see a green button on their mobile device that says

“ Clock in” for them to start and end the timesheet by tapping the “Clock out”.

After tapping the Clock out, the timesheet is now generated. And the Schedulers can view the timesheet both on the job and in the timesheet report.

When tracking your time, you must tap the Clock in to start tracking your time spent on the job. And to stop, just tap the Clock out. This will also give you a summary of your work hours and provide you an option of selecting the item code that corresponds to the job by tapping on Timesheets.

To manually enter timesheet hours, click the Timesheets + button then click on "Add my Time" at the bottom left corner and "Save" once you've made any necessary updates to your time on the job. Your added time will now be visible when you look at the job's details.

Technicians workflow

  • At the beginning of the working day click Clock In - this will be the start time for your shift.

  • Start and finish the jobs for the day same as now by using the Start job buttons on the job - this will add a timesheet to the job, same as now

  • You can also add service time to Assets to log time on assets, same as now

  • Click Clock out to take an unpaid break for lunch, click Clock In when the lunch break is over

  • At the end of the working day click Clock out - this will be the end time for your day.

  • If a technician doesn't Clock Out at the end of the day the end time will be set to the end of the last job, same as before the Clock In/Out feature.

To start a second shift on the same day, follow the same steps as above. Click Clock start at the start of the shift and Clock stop at the end.

  1. Please see the link below for instructions on how to add, update, and submit a timesheet from a mobile device.

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