Asset defect workflow

  1. Raise a defect on an asset test in the field

  2. Raise a defect in the office (coming soon)

  3. View and edit defects

    1. In the office

    2. In the field

  4. Create a quote, invoice or report for a defect

  5. Schedule a job to fix a defect

  6. Fix a defect in the field


No setup is required to start raising defects manually on asset test. If you are using Asset tests with grids you can setup an answer to trigger the defect workflow

Set an answer in the asset test grid to raise a defect

On the Asset test grid, open the grid option groups then click edit options, double click on the option that you want to add a defect for and check Raise a defect requiring followup. This will trigger the defect workflow automatically when this option is selected on a test.

For more information on how to setup an asset test grid see how to setup an asset test

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