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Managing costs for projects
Managing costs for projects

How to read the project profit report

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This is a part of the Project management feature, which is an add-on to Schedule Insight, to upgrade your plan get in touch by the chat, email, or phone at +61 03 9005 8357.
The Project profit report will give you an overview of the profitability of your project. The report compares your budget (quoted amount) against the costs for a project split into job types, or project stages.Β 

Learn how to get started

Project profit report

To open your project profit report go to Accounts/Projects, and click on the name of the project from the list to open it. On the project page, scroll down to the horizontal menu and hit the Profit report tab.

  • Only approved quotes in the accepted status are included on the profit report

  • Only approved purchase orders are included on the profit report, when purchase orders are marked as Bill received they are no longer included in the cost.

  • Paid bills are included as a cost in the project Profit report, approved bills will appear in the bill column but not be counted towards the costs as that would duplicate the cost from the purchase order.

  • Timesheets must have the project number added to be included on the report

  • Product items added on a job for the project, are included in the job products column, but service items on jobs are not included as service hours are added in the timesheet cost column.

  • WIP column - this show's what you need to invoice to cover your costs, 0 is good, it means you have Invoiced more than your costs. We calculate this by taking the costs minus the invoiced amount (sent or paid)

  • Check the Profit remaining column to see what your profit is

Split your profit report into job types

Set job types for item on the sales documents that you create for a project to break down the cost into different job types, or stages in the Project profit report.Β 

Set job types for items

To set the job type for an item select the job type in the dropdown list for each item for Quotes and Purchase orders. Just click in the field below Job type, hit that little arrow to open the dropdown list to choose the type of the job you want to perform.

If you can't see the job type column on your items, go to Settings/System Fields, scroll down to the Job items section and check visible on Job item job type.

KPI Budget column

The KPI budget column shows the percentage of the quoted amount used, when this goes over 100% it means your project is loosing money. You can set your project profit margin in Settings/Misc to indicate when this goes red.

Project variations

You can also create linked project variations, click on the Variations tab to add a project variation. Variation do not share jobs or costs, they are all treated as individual projects.


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