Project Variations

Create a project variation to compare different scenarios for a project

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Large project can sometimes be difficult to manage with different cost structures and option to consider. With the project variation you can create and compare different variation of a project. A variation is a new project that is linked to the original project in the variation tab. They also have a different number structure including the original project number for reference, and then the variation number, as in Proj-123.1, Proj-123.2

Create variation

To create a variation open the project and click on the variations tab. Click create variation.

The project name, account customer, start and end date, project type, project notes and sites are copied from the original project to the new variation. Jobs and costs are not copied to the new variation, each variation is treated as its own project and costs needs to be added separately.ย 

Compare variations

Click on the variations tab on the project to compare the original project to the variations. To see more details and a breakdown of costs for job types, click on the variation number to open the project.

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