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Getting started with Project Management
Getting started with Project Management

Manage your projects and keep track of your profit and loss

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The Project Management feature is a premium feature available on our premium plans. Contact us on chat or call us 03 9005 8357 to discuss your upgrade options.

1. Create a project

In the main navigation click on Accounts and select Projects in the dropdown. Click Add project and fill out the details for your project. 

Tip: You can customise the Project status and type in Settings - Job details

2. Add sites

Add job sites on the right, you can add as many sites as needed at any time during the project

3. Add jobs

You can add a job to a project by clicking on the add job link on the project or add the project on the job page. All jobs for this project will appear in the job tab on the project page.

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4. Add Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders

You can add Quotes, Invoices and Purchase Orders direct to the project using the links in the dropdown. 

You can also link any existing sales document to a project by selecting the project in the project dropdown on the document. 

Select a job type for the sales document if you want to split the budget for your project into job types or project progress.

Read more on how to create sales documents:

5. Timesheets

Add your timesheets to the project to see your profit and loss for the project. To add a timesheet  to the project select the project, and the job type on the timesheet both in the mobile and scheduler app.  The job type is used on the Profit and Loss report to breakdown the cost for each job type of the project.

6. Profit report

Keep track of your project budget as you go in the Profit report tab. 

Please note that the the cost for the timesheet hours will be taken from the technician's service code. You can set this up in Inventory and allocate a default service code to the technician in Settings - staff

To split the budget into job types select a job type for your quotes, timesheets, purchase orders and jobs.

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