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Schedule an ongoing job
Schedule an ongoing job

Add a job that keeps going over several days

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If you have a job that keeps going over several days, you can schedule an ongoing job. Unlike a callback (split) job where each job visit is treated as a new job, an ongoing job shares all job details, except workers. If you change the job status on one instance of an ongoing job it will change on all the instances of the ongoing job.

Ongoing jobs 

  • Ongoing jobs keep same job number for each visit

  • The same job status for each visit

  • Shared job items - changes on one job updates all

  • Quotes, Invoices, Reports and Purchase orders are linked to one visit, but will show on all the ongoing jobs, you can add all instances to an invoice by checking all visits on the visit tab

  • Timesheets added for any visit show on all visits for an ongoing job

  • Technicians are not shared

  • Option to have different statuses for ongoing jobs

Schedule an ongoing job

Add a job as usual, or save an existing job as ongoing. You can make a job ongoing from the yellow hover over or from the job save menu:

Save a job as ongoing in the Save & close dropdown.

Save an existing job as ongoing in the yellow hover over box in the schedule or any job list

Select a time in the schedule for the next visit and add workers. 

Create an invoice or Report for an Ongoing Job

Click on the visit tab and check all the visits for the ongoing job. Click Invoice selected to add all visits to the Invoice, this will show the customer all visits for this job. With all visits selected, click on the Invoice or Report button to create the document

You can also create separate documents for the job visits, The documents will still show on all job visits, but with one job visit on each report

Projects and ongoing jobs

From the Project calendar view drag a job to the + to create a new ongoing job visit for that day, with the same technicians allocated to the job.

Different statuses for ongoing jobs (optional)

By default the status is shared for ongoing jobs to enable different statuses open settings -misc. Scroll down to Scheduling and check Ongoing jobs have individual statuses

Please note that statuses set as Tech finished status will still be applied to all visits of an ongoing jobs

Show/Hide Ongoing jobs

Tip: if you don't want to use ongoing jobs, you can hide the ongoing jobs option in the job save menu. Just uncheck Enabled ongoing jobs in Settings - Misc

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