How can I see the original time for my job?

In the Job history tab you can see when the job was scheduled and rescheduled

Open the job and click on the history tab, in here you can see when the job was rescheduled and by who. You can also see other changes in here, such as job status changes and notes added.

Can't add timesheets on Mobile

Check if the timesheet has been submitted. This can be done on mobile under Timesheets - click on the Timesheets link at the top of the weekly or daily view)

If there's a notice at the bottom of the screen saying that the timesheet has been submitted, you need to ask a scheduler in the office to decline the timesheet period.

Decline a timesheet to make it editable again (Scheduler)

Open the timesheet report and set the timesheet to declined so that the technician can access the timesheet again. The timesheet status is showing either in the weekly or daily tab, depending on the period selected in the timesheet settings.

Job status is not updated from the Start travel / Job button on mobile

Have a look at the order of the job statuses in the Job Navigator, if the status set by the start button is after the current status the The Job status will only be updated to a status that comes after (below in the list) the current status.

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