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Forgot to click start at the beginning of a shift

Add a manual timesheet for the job/project (optional) that you are working on. this will start the clock so you can clock Out at the end of your shift.

To add a manual timesheet

Click on the + next to the timesheets link to add a manual timesheet. Set the start time to the time you started and the estimated end time for the job.

Keep the Clock out after this timesheet unchecked to keep the clock running after this timesheet

Click Save to save the timesheet

The time is wrong for my technicians timesheet

Open the staff profile from Settings - Staff and check that the correct timezone is selected in the timezone dropdown. Click here to learn more about scheduling technicians in different timezones

How to add a lunch break

Lunch break

You can have the Lunch break added automatically a set number of hours after the day has started. In this example, a 30min unpaid break will be added to the technician's timesheet 5h after he or she started the day. This will be added on a job timesheet or in off-job time.

Other unpaid breaks

Unpaid breaks can also be added manually to any timesheet record using the Unpaid break field.

If you can't see this field in the timesheet record it might be set to hidden in Settings - System fields

How can I see the original time for my job?

In the Job history tab, you can see when the job was scheduled and rescheduled

Open the job and click on the history tab, here you can see when the job was rescheduled and by who. You can also see other changes here, such as job status changes and notes added.

Can't add timesheets on Mobile

Check if the timesheet has been submitted. This can be done on mobile under Timesheets - click on the Timesheets link at the top of the weekly or daily view)

If there's a notice at the bottom of the screen saying that the timesheet has been submitted, you need to ask a scheduler in the office to decline the timesheet period.

Decline a timesheet to make it editable again (Scheduler)

Open the timesheet report and set the timesheet to declined so that the technician can access the timesheet again. The timesheet status is showing either in the weekly or daily tab, depending on the period selected in the timesheet settings.

Job status is not updated from the Start travel / Job button on mobile

Have a look at the order of the job statuses in the Job Navigator, if the status set by the start button is after the current status the Job status will only be updated to a status that comes after (below in the list) the current status.

I can't start my timesheet?

I get an error message saying 'You don't have permission to set selected job status'. This means that the status selected in timesheet settings for the Start button cannot be set by technicians, a scheduler needs to either

  1. Change the status set by the start button in Timesheet settings

  2. Change the permission for this status from the Job navigator (TM)

If you are asked to complete a field, you need to complete these fields and click Save to start the timesheet.

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