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Add a job on mobile

How to add a new job in the field

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To add a job on mobile you need to be a scheduler or a technician with permission to add jobs on mobile. This also allows Technicians to reschedule their own jobs and add an ongoing visit to a job on Mobile. Technicians with Team lead permission can select any technicians for new and rescheduled jobs. Admin can enable this in Settings - staff.

Add a new job on mobile

1. Click on the orange + to add a new job

2. Select a site (customer) or click add customer to add a new site
3. Add job details as needed, project, date, time, job type and technicians (only Team lead have access to select other technicians), depending on your business you might not see all these options.
4. Click save at the bottom to save the job

Reschedule a job on mobile

Open the job that you want to reschedule and click on the Edit link under the job status.

Edit the job details and click save to update the job

Add an Ongoing job visit (additional visit for the same job)

An ongoing job is the same job over several days, it shares all job details, including job number, status, all notes and items. Technicians and date are individual for each visit. For more information about ongoing jobs see: Schedule an ongoing job

Open the job that you want to add an ongoing visit for and click on Add ongoing visit under the job status

Set the time and date for the next visit and click save. Technicians with Team lead permission can also select technicians for the next visit.

Admin setttings

Allow a technician to schedule, reschedule and add ongoing visits for jobs on mobile

In Settings - Staff click on the technician that you want to change this setting for. Under Permissions check the Allow to schedule job on mobile checkbox and click save. The technician can now

  • Schedule new jobs

  • Reschedule existing jobs and

  • Create additional ongoing job visits

Technicians checked as Team lead can schedule jobs for other technician.

This does not give the technicians access to the Scheduler view, They can only Add, reschedule or add an ongoing job visit on Mobile.

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