Once your techs have finished the job and all the tests that they need to do, the results will be instantly available to the scheduler on the job.

There are two ways to see the test results:

1. You can see the test results in the job details (open the job either from the Schedule or under the Jobs tab in the main menu)

Open the job details, under the Assets tab, hit the Show all assets for this customer tab to see the tests for each asset listed.

2. Another way is to hit the Assets tab from the main menu, from the dropdown menu choose Test Results.

Click on the Edit link under the test name to view and edit the test results before you send the report.

Clicking on the Edit link opens the test results where the scheduler can edit and re-save the test.

Once you are happy with the information you can send the report to your customer.

Places an Asset test report can be generated and sent from

  • Job page - Report tab

    Open the job details, under the Report tab either hit the + New Report tab in the upper left corner, or down from the New Invoice tab choose + New Report.

  • Sales - Reports page

    From the Sales tab in the main menu, choose Reports.

On the Report page, click on + Add report link on the right, to add a report.

  • Job page - Assets tab

On the job details page, under the Assets tab, click on + New Invoice tab at the bottom, and from the dropdown menu choose the + New Report.

You can add as many tests and jobs to a report as you need.

Add jobs to a report

To add another job to a report, from the main menu, hit the Sales tab and choose Reports from the dropdown menu.

On the left, check the boxes next to the reports you want to add a job to. Hit the Add job button and from the dropdown menu choose which action you want to perform: Copy to existing job, Add job, Add job with inventory.

Add assets to test on a job

You can also complete more than one test on a job by adding all the assets to test to that job. Open the job, choose the asset on the left you want to add to a job and check the boxes on the right in the same raw, under For this job section.

Create a new report

Go to Sales - Reports page, to create a new report click on + Add report link.

Note: Remember to select the right report template. When you're done with editing a report, hit the Email button.

Before you can generate an Asset Test report you need to configure the template.

Configure an asset test report template

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