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Configure an Asset Test Report Template

How to configure the template for asset test reports

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The asset test report is configured using the report template. If you have a report template setup already that you want to add the asset tests to, you can simply add the assets to that report. There are a few options for displaying assets and asset tests:

  • Show Asset Maintenance report - this will show theAsset maintenance summary report. Select which columns to show in the dropdown

  • Show asset service hours report - this will show the service time for each asset in a new table

  • Show job assets will list the assets that are checked as for this job. Select which columns to show in the dropdown, and if you want to separate each asset with a page break

    • Show tests will show the asset tests completed on the jobs added to the report under the asset.

      • Show each asset on a new page - check to separate the test with a page break

      • Show all test - uncheck to select which tests to show on this report

  • Show defects - check this to show the asset defect that where raised under each test

    • Show each defect on a new page - check to separate the defects with a page break

Please note that only assets marked as For this job will appear on the report for that job. You can check this in the mobile or as a scheduler on the job page - assets tab.

Add a new asset test report template

1. Click on settings - template tab and select reports

2. Click on the Add template button and name your template - this is the name that your schedulers will refer to when they generate test reports. You can also duplicate an existing report template to start from a template that you have setup already.

3. Check the default checkbox to make this the default template for all your reports

4. Click on choose file to upload your header logo

5. Fill out the template sections as required. Use the WYSIWYG to format the text

6. Select to hide or show the inventory on this report
7. Check show job assets to show a list of assets on the report. If you want to show the tests, check show tests. 

8. Optional: Add a footer and additional details, such as job custom fields or signatures in the fields at the bottom of your report.

9. Click save to save the report template

Create and download the report

Scheduler sends the reports

To generate the PDF report open the job where the asset test was completed and click on the reports tab. Click New report.

Select the template for your Asset test and click send to email the report or PDF to download the test.

Tip: you can add Asset tests from more than one job to the report by adding all the jobs to the report. Assets must be marked as For this job to appear on the test report

Send test reports from mobile

The technicians can also send the test to the customer from the mobile. In the Sales sections click Add next to Report. Select the customer and template and click send to email the report to the customer. 

Technicians needs to have access to Sales document to send report in the field. This can be enabled in Settings - Misc.

Sample PDF with Asset test

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