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How do I export my customer and Job data?
How do I export my customer and Job data?

FieldInsight allows you to export your data any time you want to.

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FieldInsight only stores your data while you use our program. We are firm believers that it is your data and you can export it at any time, as many times as you like.

We have export options for the following area's of FieldInsight.


Account Customers


Job custom fields




Purchase Orders



Project Performance


The Export button can be found near the top of each page to Export your customer and job data.

Export Options:

We have three options for export All, Found and Selected.

Option 1) To Export All your data in the area you choose, click on Export as shown above.

You can export All jobs and inventory

Please note they are two separate reports

Option 2) To Select Found, you need to search for a subsection of your customer database to export. For Example

Customers in a specific state.

Customers you did service work for last winter

Jobs that were done over a date range

Jobs for a specific site

Filter your search with the information you want in Advanced search

Then select Export

You will be presented with the below options just like the All search

Follow the prompts and choose the Found data you would like.

Option 3) To export Selected groups, check the box beside each item you want to export. Click the 'Export' button and click 'Selected'.

Exporting your data:

Once you've chosen what you want to export, choose how you want the data exported. Generally, there are three options: Export to MYOB, Export to CSV, or Export to custom CSV

Select Export to CSV.

The Export to custom CSV option is a basic spreadsheet showing the Fields added to the job print only. To add more data or see what is in this view to this you will need to customise your job print learn how here.

If you are already integrated to MYOB please ignore this option it is a hang over from when we were not integrated. It will be removed eventually!

Custom export - export only the fields on your job print sheet

The custom option will export only the fields on your job print sheet. SelectExport to custom CSV to export only the job print fields.

You can edit the Job print fields in settings - job print.

  • Please note that changing this will also change the fields showing on the job print card when printing out jobs for technicians.

The setting above would look like this on the exported CSV files

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