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How to Download and Export all your reports
How to Download and Export all your reports

FieldInsight allows you to export your data any time you want to.

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FieldInsight only stores your data while you use our program. We are firm believers that it is your data and you can export it at any time, as many times as you like.

We have export options for the following area's of FieldInsight.


Account Customers





Purchase Orders



Project Performance


In the reports (Quotes, Invoices, Reports, Bills, Project Performance, timesheets) it will be Download CSV

Exporting Options

There are three options for All, Found and Selected

Option 1) All

Select the Download CSV button

Select Download all

You will automatically be taken to the file being downloaded

The file will look like this

Option 2) Found

By using the search or advanced search you are able to download subsection of the reports you are looking for.

Invoices/Quotes/Reports in a specific state.

Customers you did service work for last winter

Invoices/Quotes/Reports that were done over a date range

Invoices/Quotes/Reports for a specific site

Select the search you want

I am going to search for invoices for a specific customer under the Advanced Search option

You can now Download them

Option 3) To export Selected groups, check the box beside each item you want to export. Click the 'Export' button and click 'Selected'.

Then you can export them

Note Briefly:

This advanced search under Invoices is a good way to know your margins and profitability for a customer.

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