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The Calendar: Managing Your Team

Create jobs and check your team schedule, all in the FieldInsight Calendar!

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The FieldInsight Schedule (or calendar) displays your team schedule for the day/week/month.

The FieldInsight calendar, week and month view.

FieldInsight Scheduler Options

Click the 'Today' button to see the schedule for the day, 

Click the 'This Week' button to see the team schedule for the week. 

Click the 'This Month' button to see the calendar for the month.

If you have 'Projects' enabled you can select Projects to see all active projects. If 'Team' if you have a list/group of Technicians. 'Follow up' If you have a report for follow-up.

Navigate the Calendar Week and Month Views

The 'rotate' button may be found on your calendar display, next to the 'week'. When you select this option, you'll be able to see all of your technician's jobs for the current period.

Simply click the 'rotate' button to return to the weekly overview. This step will be the same for both the week and month options that can be adjusted in calendar settings.

Managing Team Calendar View

You can filter your jobs by status (found in the' statuses' drop-down menu), groups, or technicians/units. You can view by technician or generate an overview using these choices.


For Groups


You can also select to see one technician's schedule by choosing and individuals name or use 'All technicians'.

If you have set-up groups you can also select a single group to see all jobs for that type. Learn how to set up groups

The Mini-Calendar

If you need to navigate to another date in your calendar, use the mini calendar on the right of the screen.

Changing Your Calendar Settings

If you want to make precise changes to your calendar here that will best fit your workflow.

Just go to calendar settings, go to the cog icon and select settings, then click on the calendar tab.

This new window displays all of your usual calendar settings.

  • To make changes, click on each of the drop-down boxes under each option.

  • You can update your default job length based on your job type.

  • Your time slot length is shown in either fifteen minute or thirty-minute intervals.

  • You can select what day your week starts on.

  • Select what time your day will start and end.

  • Select your default calendar view for either ‘all’, ‘technicians’ or ‘units’.

  • Select the default time in either day, week, month, or project view.

  • Choose to view your columns and rows and vary their width and row height.

  • You can tick or unselect the options for ‘filter bucket list by user groups’, ‘default rotated view’ and ‘show scheduler’s groups by default’.

Instead of logging in and seeing all scheduled jobs for the day, you can change the default length for jobs and customize how the calendar looks when you first log in.

What's Next?

Once you're familiar with the FieldInsight calendar, check out the GPS feature in the map to help track your team!

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