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Manage a Group of Staff for Scheduling efficiencies
Manage a Group of Staff for Scheduling efficiencies

How to create, edit and manage a Group and how to assign a staff member to a group.

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Groups are handy when you have a need to segment Technicians in a way that is not directly related to Job Type.  This may be based on variables such as 

  • Notifications and triggered messages

  • Location (if you don't use the Region feature)

  • Specialist activities

  • Contractor

  • Apprentice etc

Using groups to manage staff allows faster scheduling decisions.  Groups are accessible from the Staff section in Settings. You can also send triggered messages to a group of staff, for example a notification when a job is completed or a report to HR when a the technicians completes an induction.

Add a staff member to a group

In the staff profile, check the group that the staff member to belongs to. To create a new group Go to Settings > On the Horizontal Menu click on > Staff

and simply click on the Edit link next to Staff member profile.

After clicking, scroll down to 'Groups,' then click on 'Edit'

Next click the +Item button

In the 'New User Group' section name the Group and Click 'Create'

You will now have that option in the Staff profile.


  • The same as create a group, you can click 'Edit' to rename the group; bear in mind any Technicians assigned to this group will now be associated with the new name

Delete a Group

If you delete a Group and that has Technicians assigned, they will still stay associated to the Group, it is advisable to move any Technicians on to a new group if you want to delete an entire Group.

Note: If you regularly suspend staff members please note that any group they belong to will remain unless you remove them from it.

To add a staff member to a existing group

Let's go to Settings. Click on the little orange gear icon ⚙️ in the upper right corner of your page. Click the Settings button at the top of the dropdown menu. From the top horizontal menu, click on Staff

Assign a Staff member to a Group

Simply click on the Edit link next to Staff member profile.

Select Edit on the Staff profile and scroll down and make sure to tick the check box beside the 'Technician' to display the Technician Details.

  • Tick the Group that is relevant for this Technician

    NB:  The Technician can belong to more than one group

  • Click Save Staff

The next time you schedule a job and select 'Group' in the calendar view. Just tick on the groups you want to view.

You can still use the Job Type to refine a Technician selection.

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