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Schedule view - How to set up your default calendar settings
Schedule view - How to set up your default calendar settings

Manage the default Calendar settings for your schedulers

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The Default Calendar (Schedule) lets you manage the Main Schedule display easily. To begin, select Settings from the options on the upper right side corner of your screen,

Then, from the tabs menu, select the Calendar option.

  • To make changes, click on each of the drop-down boxes under each option.

  • You can update your default job length based on your job type.

  • Your time slot length is shown in either fifteen minute or thirty-minute intervals.

  • You can select what day your week starts on.

  • Select what time your day will start and end.

  • Select your default calendar view for either ‘all’, ‘technicians’ or ‘units’.

  • Select the default time in either day, week, month, or project view.

  • Choose to view your columns and rows and vary their width and row height.

  • You can tick or unselect the options for ‘filter bucket list by user groups’, ‘default rotated view’ and ‘show scheduler’s groups by default’.

Navigate the Calendar Week and Month Views

The 'rotate' button may be found on your calendar display, next to the 'week'. When you select this option, you'll be able to see all of your technician's jobs for the current period.

Simply click the 'rotate' button once again to return to the weekly overview.

This procedure will be the same for both the week and month options that can be adjusted in calendar settings.

Add Custom Fields to the Job Box

Some companies want particular information to be displayed on their job box. Things that are crucial to your business but are not given by the system. You can add a custom field to this box.

To create a custom field, go to the cog icon on the upper right side corner of your screen then select the settings option. Then click on the ‘custom fields’ tab and select the button ‘add job field’.

Create a new name for your custom field, then choose the field type from the drop-down option. Once you have filled in all your details, select ‘add new field’.

Your new custom field will now be visible on your job card.

Now you can add this to the job box. Go back to the icon cog on the upper right side corner > select settings.

Click on the calendar tab and under the title; Fields which appear on the standard job box on the calendar" you can select where you want your information displayed.

Click on the + icon to add your custom field.

Once you have finished, click ‘insert placeholder’ and remember to click ‘save’ at the bottom on the page.

Now you have saved your new custom field options, you will see your new updated job box displaying your changes.

Managing Team Calendar View

You can filter your jobs by status (found in the' statuses' drop-down menu), groups, or technicians/units. You can view by technician or generate an overview using these choices.

You can make precise changes to your calendar here that will best fit your workflow.

To update your calendar settings, go to the cog icon and select settings, then click on the calendar tab. This new window displays all of your usual calendar settings.

That's it, you can now navigate your calendar view easily.

You can also visit the link below on how to Create Individual Calendar Settings

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