Asset Testing is a feature that can be enabled to support businesses that regularly complete testing on customer assets and need a way to capture test outcomes as well as report.


Asset management and testing is available on our ProfessionaINSIGHT plan. If you cannot see Asset management in your settings you need to upgrade your plan to get access to this feature. Contact us on +61  3 9005 7144 or on the chat in the bottom right corner to learn more.

Pre step

If you're already using Asset management, go to step 1, if not have a look at how to get started with Asset management before setting up asset tests. 

Set up the asset test

1. Click on Asset tests and select tests to create an Asset test

2. Click add new test and name your test

3. Click add question to add a field to your test

Type your question in the Field name

Select what the type of field this is:

For more information about custom fields see: custom fields and drop down menus create and edit options

Select if you want your workers to be able to view and edit this file, if you want your technicians to answer this question, keep both boxes checked. 

Click add question to save your question

4. Save the test

You can move your questions up and down with the green arrows. when you are done click save under the test name to save your test.

Add photos to your test

To add photos to your test select file list as your field type

The photos will appear on the Asset test report under a heading called photos. If you want photos under different headings you can add several photo fields, for example you might want to show before and after photos

The technician needs to add photo to the before and after heading separate, and the photos will appear under these headings on the PDF report

When you click save the test is ready to be completed in the field. The test results will appear under Asset test - results when the test has been completed by the technician in the field.

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