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Asset test grid

How to setup an asset test grid to generate defects (optional)

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The Asset test grid can be used to create asset condition reports and tests to send to your customers. They also can be used in combination with other Asset test fields, for example you might want to add a comment or images at the bottom of the test under the grid. The grid answers can also be used to generate defects.

Setup your asset test grid

Add your test see How to setup an asset test

Click Add question

In the popup, add a name and select Grid in the Field type dropdown

Uncheck show label as the grid have a separate description field where you can add a heading

Click Add question

In the popup enter a heading for the first column (optional)

Enter a description (optional)

Add columns

Click Add column to add a column

In the popup set

  • Name Add a heading

  • Field type - select the type

  • Option group (for dropdown only) - select your dropdown options (see below for how to set this up)

  • Required - check this if you want this answer to be required on the test - please note that technicians have an option to quickly set all answers in a grid, do not select a default answer if you want this column to be required

There's no limit to the number of columns that you can add, but please be mindful that they will be sized equally across your report (A4 portrait or landscape)

Click on the arrow to move or edit a column

Add rows

Click on Add row

in the popup enter a name for the row and click save

The row appears at the bottom, click on the down arrow to move it

Setup option groups

Click on the Add/Edit link to setup a new Option group

Add a name for the new option and click Add

Add the first dropdown option and click Add

  • Default - check this to make this option selected by default - do not use this for required fields

  • Select a colour for this option

  • Raise defect requiring followup - Check this to raise a defect when this option is set.

Click save to save this option and add another

When you have finished adding options for this group, close this popup and click save

Then select the option group to use in your Asset grid

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