FieldInsight is very customisable to the needs of your business.

You can use the custom fields to add pre start check lists and use custom fields to add JSA questions. You can also make them mandatory for our techs to fill out.

How to create a pre start check lists or JSA questions

Create a new custom field by clicking 'Settings' in the right-side menu in your account.

Open the 'Custom fields' tab.

Click '+ Add job field' under the 'Job' heading.

Enter the field name and choose the type of field.

As an example, you may want to call the field 'JSA Questions' and choose 'Multi select drop down list' as the field type.

Another option for the field type could be 'Text area' -- this will allow Schedulers and Admins to enter any information without restrictions.

Now enter in your questions

This custom field has now been created

From the mobile

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Click here to learn more about creating custom fields in FieldInsight

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