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Getting started with SWMS and safety
Getting started with SWMS and safety

Create and sign SWMS, PPE, JSA and pre start checklists

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Build and sign your SWMS and other Safety documents and quickly check the signatures for the day. Assign documents to jobs for your workers to sign in the field. This feature is part of the SafetyINSIGHT. Contact us on phone +61 3 9005 8357 or chat in the bottom right hand corner to enable this feature.

When Safety has been activated on your account you will see the safety link in the top navigation

Step 1:  Add your safety document templates 

If your documents have been added already, you can skip this step. If you want to find out how to add a new safety document have a look at:  Setup a Safety Document template

Step 2: Add safety documents to a job. 

On the job page, select the safety documents that apply for the job in the Safety dropdown.

Technicians can also add additional safety documents in the field, using the Add job safety button in the Job safety section:

When a document has been added all technicians assigned to the job will be asked to sign it. Click on the sign link to open and sign the Safety document. Technicians can check and edit answers as needed before signing the document. All technicians can sign on the same device.

Step 3: check signatures and download documents

Schedulers can see in real time when technicians sign documents. Click on Safety in the main menu or the safety tab on the job page to check the status of a Safety document, when a technician changes a safety document answer, all technicians on the job are asked to sign the document again to ensure that the latest version of a document is always signed. Click download to download a PDF of the document to print or send to the customer. 


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