Complet a stocktake to check you inventory - complet a stocktake in your warehouse and review the cost of lost stock then adjust stock levels (Scheduler only).

Open Inventory - Stocktake from the menu. Click on Add stocktake to create a new stocktake

Select the warehouse and the positions to count the stock items in. Select the date for the stocktake

Complete the stock count

Count the inventory items and add the actual number of items in the warehouse to the stock count field. The stock take is automatically saved

Use the search to find items in the stocktake

Finish the stocktake for review

Hit the Stocktake link at the top to go back to the list when your finished

Review the stocktake and adjust stock

  • Stock can only be adjusted once

  • When stock has been adjusted you can no longer change the quantities in the stocktake

  • You can view and download previous stocktake using the Download button

Open the stocktake to review and adjust

Click on the Adjust button to apply the delta to the items.

For example, I counted 5 of the '_101 / Air conditioner', But I was only supposed to have 4, this gives me a delta of +1. When I click Adjust the delta of +1 was applied, that gives me a new stock level of 5.

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