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Scheduler: Add time to a job
Scheduler: Add time to a job

Add a timesheet for a job from the Office

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Schedulers can add time to a job using the start/finish button. This can be useful to track:

  • Add timesheet or schedulers for payroll

  • Track the time schedulers spend on individual jobs

  • Track utilization for schedulers

  • Track the cost or individual jobs

  • Add schedulers' time to billable items on a job


Service code for scheduler

Add service codes to track costs and billable time to schedulers.

  1. Add a new service item for schedulers timesheets

  2. Link this item to the scheduler on the staff page

  3. This service code is now used by default for this scheduler. To change it on a job, click on the edit link to edit the timesheet record and select the service code to use.

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