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Asset test inventory items

Add inventory items to jobs automatically when completing an asset test

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Automatically add inventory items to the jobs when completing an asset test to simplify billing.

Note: The items are added when technicians click Complete on the test. If the technician saves the test as In progress or clicks back without completing the test, the items will not be added to the job.

Add items to the Asset Test template

Open the asset test to add items to and in the Inventory section click add row

Select Service or Product item to add, type in the Code dropdown to search

When you have added all the chargeable items for this test, click Save

Add or complete the test on a job as usual

Use Planning a test on a job or let the technicians select a test to complete in the field

When the technicians click Complete on the asset test

The items are automatically added to the job


Check which asset/test the items are for

Show assets or items on Invoice

To show the Asset column on the customer PDF, open Settings - Template and click on the template to edit

Click on Show assets in the inventory table section

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