Schedule and plan an asset test to be completed in the fields

Note: this is different to Preventive Maintenance scheduling and will not be added to the PM contract for more in formation on Preventive maintenance see Getting started with preventative maintenance

Schedule the job

  1. Schedule the job

  2. Select the Account and site customer

  3. Select a time and date

  4. Select technicians and any other job information/fileds that you need

Add the planned asset tests to complete on the job

  1. Click on the Asset Tab

  2. Search to find the asset that you want to plan a test for

    1. if you can't find the asset that you're looking for, click on Show all assets for this customer

  3. In the "plan test' dropdown select the test to be completed

  4. Add more tests as needed by repeating step 5-6

Save the job

  1. Save the job

Planed tests appear on the job for Technicians to complete

Technicians will see the test to completed on the job when they open the job in the Planned tests section

Add a link to the test in the Job list (optional)

  1. Scroll down to Add fields to job list item

  2. Click add new field

  3. Select {planned-trials} from the dropdown list (in the job section)

This will show a link to the Asset tests to be completed on the job in the technicians job list

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