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Manage expenses for jobs
Manage expenses for jobs

Add and manage expenses for jobs and technicians

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IN PROGRESS...a feature we are actively improving.

Track and manage expenses for jobs and technicians.

Technicians can add expenses with photos of receipts to jobs using the MobileApp. Select if expenses are billable or not and at the end of the week create a report for expenses payable to technicians.

To get started enable expenses in settings, see below for more details

Add expenses in the field (Technicians)

On the job page scroll down to Hours and Products. Click on the right arrow to show this section. Click on the green Add expense button to add an expense item

Click on the More link to add the cost for the expense

Add expenses in the office (Schedulers)

Check and Invoice expenses on a job

Create weekly report for technicians


Enable expenses

Open settings - misc and scroll down to Inventory. Check Show expenses

and click

Add items (Optional)

If you have similar expenses that you use frequently you can add them to inventory for technicians to select from, alternatively Technicians can create items as needed, these are not saved to inventory.

To add items to expenses open Inventory - Expenses Add expense

Fill out the details for the expense and click save

If you have many types of expenses the can be categorised the same way as other inventory items. to add a category click on Settings and select Edit categories

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