Do you have more than one type of workflow in your business that you want to setup differently? Maybe you have an install and a service team, or warranty work that requires a different workflow? With the business workflows you can setup as many workflows as you like, and show only the job statuses that are relevant to that workflow.

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Enable workflows

Enable workflows in settings - system fields. You can enable workflows on

  • Jobs

  • Sales documents (Quotes, Invoices, Reports, Purchase Orders and Bills)

  • Timesheets

    • For scheduler

    • For Technicians

Add a new workflow

Open the Job navigator from the menu on the left, or click on Workflows in settings

Add a new workflow

In the popup, type the name of your new workflow and click enter or use the green +Add button

Check the Default checkbox if you want this to be your default workflow and click save

Add job statuses to the workflow

Some things to keep in mind:

  • A job, Invoice or timesheet can only be set to one workflow

  • Workflows can share job statuses, or have their own

  • Each workflow can have their own order for statuses

  • A job status will only show for a workflow if it has been added to that workflow

  • Use separate job statues if you want different triggered messages for workflows

Add a new job status

Click on the + Job status link to add a new job status

Select workflows that use this status

In the Job status settings, select the workflows that use this status, you can select as many as you need.

Set job status colour

Select colours for this job status on the right

Other settings

  • Default - check this to make this the default status when scheduling jobs

  • At least one technician is selected on the Job - check this is if you have triggered messages to technicians for this status, to remind staff if they forget to add technicians

  • Allow worker set job to this status - check this if you want technicians to be able to set this status check

  • Make jobs with this status visible for worker - check this if you want technicians to be able to see this status

  • Tech notes mandatory for worker - check this to remind technician to add tech notes, if they haven't already when setting this status

  • At least one invoice is mandatory for this job status - check this to remind staff to create an invoice, if they haven't already before setting this status

  • At least one payment must exist on each Invoice for this job status - check this to make a payment mandatory. Please note that a payment can also be a deposit, not the full amount of an invoice

  • This is a tech finished status - all split jobs will be set to this status - checking this will set all split jobs to this status. This is useful when you want to close a job with several split/callback jobs

  • Show this status for job class - select Induction if this is a job status only for technician induction

Add an existing job status to a workflow

Open the job status by clicking on it

If you have your job statuses setup that do not have a workflow they will appear under Unassigned

In the Job status settings, select the workflows that use this status, you can select as many as you need.

Organise your job statuses

Click on the status that you want to move and drag and drop it in the order you want the statuses

Expand the instructions

Click on the three orange dots at the end of the row to expand the instructions. Click on collapse to make the row smaller them

Set the workflow on a job

Select the workflow in the workflow dropdown on the job page

Set workflow for a sales document

In the details section select the workflow in the dropdown


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