Each business has a unique way they run there business, they all have there own nuances.  

Yes, there are standardised workflows for each Field Service Industry but sometimes there are some extra steps that are unique to your business.

Having an easy way to access this for the purposes of repeatability, training support and quality reviews helps to keep everyone on the same page to improve efficiencies in your business.

We have enabled a Job Navigator that replicates your current Job Status' that can be accessed by the Schedulers and Technicians (from the web/mobile).

This guide helps technicians in the field run the job workflow the same way every time and can be given to new employees as a training guide.

For Schedulers, knowing what Job Status's transitions are and what activities are triggered from a status change ensure that the connection between the field and the office is seamless.

How to access the Job Navigator.

For Schedulers:

Step 1:  Click on the Job Naviagator icon in the top navigation menu

Step 2:  The current Job Status and Steps (status change) are shown as well as relevant triggered messages that will be sent on the status change event.

Please note:  Only the Job Status's that are relevant/actionable by the Scheduler display in the Scheduler Workflow Guide.

For Technicians:

 Step 1:  From the Main Menu (web/mobile app) > Workflow Guide

Please note:  Only the Job Status's that are relevant/actionable by the Technician display in the Technician Workflow Guide.

How to Video:

Please review our How to Video on this feature:  

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