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Job To-dos on mobile (technicians)
Job To-dos on mobile (technicians)
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Keep tack of tasks on a job with job to-dos. Add tasks for technicians and schedulers from the office or in the field.

Technicians can only see To-do tasks when they are on a job, they have access to all To-dos on a job regardless who they are assigned to.

View job To-dos in the field

Open the job and click on the To-dos section to expand it. The To-dos are organised in list, scroll down to see more.

Add a To-do in the field

Open a job and click on the To-dos section to expand. Click on the add list button to add a new list

Click + Task to add a to-do task


  • Due date

  • Type

  • who to assign this task to and

  • who to notify when it is done

Click Create to save the To-Do task

Click Add task to add another task

Mark a task as done

When a tasks is completed, click in the checkbox to mark it as done and automatically notify the selected team member.


You can show/hide To-do tasks for other workers and schedulers for technicians, in Settings - Misc - Mobile

  • Uncheck if you only want your technicians to see To-do tasks assigned to themselves, or

  • Check to allow technicians to see all To-do task on a job

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