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Track Parts and Labor on the assets you look after
Track Parts and Labor on the assets you look after

You can track the parts and labour you use on a job on the asset as well.

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FieldInsight has added functionality to track parts and labour against an asset from the office as well as the field.

Firstly you need to turn on the feature's in settings

Scroll to job items - Scheduler

Once you select Job item asset the scheduler will be able to assign items to the asset from the job page.

If you want your techs to add items to the asset scroll to Assets - Mobile and select Inventory. This now means the techs can use parts and add them to the asset from the mobile app

If it is easer for the techs to add parts while they are doing an asset test or service test you can add parts and labour in the test's it's self. To turn this on scroll to Asset Tests - Mobile and select Inventory.

Remember to select save after making your selection

Let's look at now, how to add it items to your assets.

Scheduler: Link item to Asset

Open your job that has assets on it and open the Items tab.

Click on +Add item and select if it is product or service you want to add.

Select the Asset ID that you are adding the service or product to.

That product or service is now assigned to the relevant asset.

Technician: Add item on asset in the field

Open your job, select the customer assets job.

Select the Asset you want to put the products and services on to

Add in the parts and labour that you are going to use

The parts and labour are now added to the asset.

Phase two of this Development ( Still to come) To show the parts and hours on the asset via the Asset profile.

To show the asset id for the items on the customer invoice/quote/report, enable the asset column on the template. All templates can be customised in settings - template to learn more see Invoices how to create templates.

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