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Invoices: How to Create Templates
Invoices: How to Create Templates

Customization gives your invoice a personal touch that's unique to your business.

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To update your invoice templates, head to the settings section of your account (click 'Settings' in the upper right-side menu).

Click 'Settings' and then 'Templates' in your account.

We have added an Original Template that you can use as a base.

This is probably the most important step in updating the template for your invoices -- adding your logo will ensure your customers that they're receiving an invoice from your company.

The 'Upload Your Logo' section should be near the top. Click the 'Choose File' button to find and upload the file for your logo. This should be an image file, in JPEG or PNG format.

You can customise some of the settings (at the template level)
Click 'Edit Settings' 

Invoice settings

  • starting Invoice number: we will start it at 1 unless you set this as something else (ie if you want to continue an invoice sequence started somewhere else)

  • Default inventory items: Add a default service items for all invoices - please note that this item is only added when an invice is created from a job, and only once per invoice

    • If you integrate to Xero or MYOB Account Right, you can also determine what information is carried over through the sync (ie you may want the Quote or Job number included) - you would add the relevant placeholder in the Description section

  • PDF file name: use placeholders to select a custom name for your Invoice PDF files, for example {business-name}-{invoice-number}

  • Click Save

Updating the Content of Invoices

To update what your invoice says, look for the content under 'Title', 'Top left', 'Top middle' and 'Top right'. For example, you might want to update the title of your invoices to say 'Invoice -- {customer-company-name}'.

Under 'Inventory', you can specify what services the customer received for the job, such as service hours or products.

If you want to change the details of the invoice, such as what it says for the due date and job signature, look under the boxes that say 'Bottom right' and 'Bottom left'.

Add a footer logo to appear at the end of the document and a terms and conditions page to be displayed on a new page. Please note that your terms must be saved as an image, it will be resized to fill the page.

Don't forget to click 'Save' to update your invoice template!

Additional fields

You can also add additional fields to your invoices using the additional fields. Click on add new group to get started

Add a heading, and click new row to add your first row. Enter a label on the left and select a placeholder in the dropdown.

Optional: Templates for Quotes, Reports and Purchase Orders

In the 'Statements' section of your account settings, you can also update the templates for any quotes, reports and purchase orders you send from your FieldInsight account.

Click any of the tabs to update the templates.

What's Next?

If you've created templates for your emails and messages and reports, check out some more customizations you can make in your FieldInsight account.

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