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Job Box - How to set up your default calendar settings
Job Box - How to set up your default calendar settings

Manage the default Calendar settings for what you see in the job box

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The Default Calendar settings allows you to set what you see in the Job Box

Job Box information displayed

The above Job Box shows the following:

โ€‹Job Header:

  • Account Customer (Left hand side)

  • Job No (Right hand side)


  • Job type (Top)

  • Technician flag marker (Middle)

  • Time (Bottom)

To change a placeholder, simply Select the Drop Down arrow

Select from the available {Placeholders}.

You are able to add multiple placeholders in to each section if you wish

Simply copy and paste the placeholders into the section

Click on save when you have finished your editing.

Show colours for job types

To show a coloured block for each job type, select a colour for the job type in Settings - Job details - Job types

Then select the placeholder to show job type colour

The job type colours are displayed as blocks to quickly reference the job types on the job box

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