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Add custom fields to your Job box view

If you need specific information on your job box that is not a system field, you can create and display a custom field of your choice.

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Some businesses have specific information that they want to see on their job box.

Things that are important to your business and that are over and above the provided system fields.

The job box is the coloured box that is displayed on your schedule view of the calendar.

You can create a custom field and have it displayed on this box.

I am going to show you how to create a custom field call "My custom field" and replace the Bob/Tenant/Property manager/supervisor from the view above.

Let's get into it!

Step one) Is to create the custom field.

Enter in your information

The new field is created

And sitting on your job card

Step two) Is to add to the job box

To replace Bob/Tenant/Property manager/supervisor, need to body middle as it is the name, but you can choose anywhere.

Search for your custom field by clicking on the

We this custom field in the job, so it will be sitting in the job section

Make sure the current placeholder is deleted as you can have multiple place holders in these sections.

Remember to click on save at the bottom of the page.

As we I have selected a text field. It order for it to show on the job box, it needs text in it. This is entered as you are taking the job

You're all done. The job box has been updated with your specific information.

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