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Mobile app FAQ

Common questions and answers for troubleshooting

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Technicians can't see jobs from other workers on Mobile

In Settings - Misc under the Mobile App heading check Allow workers to access jobs of other workers and uncheck Hide jobs of other workers from the list of all jobs to show jobs from other workers in the all jobs list

Job status is not updated when technician clicks start Travel or Start job

The job status is only changed if the status comes after the current status. To solve this make sure that the status set by the Start Travel and Start Job buttons are below all job statuses visible to technicians. Check the order of your job statuses in the job navigator

For example: In this image Arrived would not be set on start job as that is before travelling. To solve this select the Travelling status and click on the green up arrow to move the status up before Arrived status.

Technicians can't start a timesheet for a job and get the error "Select a valid choice. That choice is not one of the available choices"

The technician is not allowed to set the status selected to be set by the start timesheet button. To solve, login as an administrator, open Settings - job details - click on the status and check Allow workers to set this status and Make jobs with this status visible for workers

Invoice, Quote or Report PDFs are not opening in the browser

Check that popups are enabled. If popups are blocked the PDF cannot be opened, only downloaded.

On iPhone using Safari

Open Settings - Safari and scroll down to Block pop-ups and turn this off (grey)

Scheduler and other Technicians can't see the uploaded photos on the job

If Schedulers and other technicians cannot see photos that a technician uploads to the job - and only the technician who did it can view the photos, check the Site customer and see if the photos are uploaded to the site instead of the job.

It's a common mistake for technicians to upload files to the Site customer instead of to the job.

To rectify this, you will have to download the photos from the Site and then re-upload them to the specific Job.

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