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Add warehouses (stock locations) to your product items.
Add warehouses (stock locations) to your product items.

Keep track of where your items are in FieldInsight by adding them to a warehouse (location)

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When running a team of techs and having lots of stock items, it is easy to not know what is going on and what is where.

FieldInsight enables you to create warehouses which are different locations that the stock could be in. Eg Main warehouse, Van1, Van2 etc

This document is going to show you how to add and edit warehouses.

To add a new warehouse, type in the name of the warehouse and hit enter or click on the green button +Add

Select if you want to make that the default warehouse

To edit an existing warehouse,

Type the changes you want to make and click Save

Your warehouse has now been updated

What's Next?

Once you have your warehouses, manufacturers and item statuses set up it's time to add products and inventory.

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