In FieldInsight, you can track your inventory items in there different locations.

To add in warehouses you will first need to set them up.

Once you are on the product page you click on settings

Type in the warehouses you want to create

If that warehouse is going to be the default place to receive stock then select default

Note: If you want to set up van's/vehicles here you can, but the are already defaulted to there staff members in a different view.

To add stock to the warehouses and vehicle.

Tip: If you don't want to see the Technicians and unit in here you can hide stock on technicians and units in the Inventory section in settings - misc

The easiest time to add in stock is when you are creating the inventory list and having it imported. But you can enter them in via editing an existing item or creating a new inventory item.

Type in the inventory amounts into Stock as well as Min stock

Use the 'Min stock' field to indicate when you should order more stock. The 'Order stock' number will update to show you how much stock you have left until you need to order more.

Click on save and repeat with your next item.

What's Next?

After adding all of your inventory into FieldInsight (and any warehouses and manufacturers, if needed), you can also update the status of your products. 

You can also add Services and Expenses to your inventory tab.

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