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Quote reminder messages

Improve quote conversion rates with automatic followup reminder messages for quotes

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With the triggered sales emails you can setup automatic followup reminders for quotes to improve your quote conversion rate and save time. 

The messages are triggered by quote status and time and can be set to scheduler to remind them to follow up or to the customer. It's easy to setup just follow the steps below.


1. Open settings - Email and SMS - Sales triggered emails

Click on Set reminders on the quote page

Or open settings and select the Email & SMS tab. Select Triggered Email in the sub menu on the left. Click add message in the Sales Trigged Emails

2. Configure when to send the message

In the popup select Quote in the Document type. 

Select when to send the message. Select the Quote status that you want to send the message for in the Triggered by status dropdown. Enter after how many you want the reminder sent.

Select the recipient for the message

3. Write the message 

Add a Subject heading for the email and write the body of the message using placeholders to add details form the Quote. If you want to attache the quote again, check the Attach document checkbox

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