What is a placeholder?

Learn how to use placeholders to customise all your templates and job boxe

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A placeholder is a text that is replaced with variable content. We use placeholders in our templates to customise the variable information, such as the job number, or customers name.

A placeholder is never printed, instead it is replaced with the actual information from the job.

All placeholder are placed in curly brackets like this: {placeholder-name}. The available placeholders are referenced at the bottom of the templates. Only the placeholders in this list can be used for the specific template.

They are grouped into a logical format, customer, contact, job etc

If you have created a custom field in any of these sections you can add that custom field to your template's as well

1. Find the placeholder for the custom field in the placeholder reference list: 

2. Add the placeholder where you want this information to appear in your template

3. On the PDF invoice the placeholder is replaced with the values from the job

There are also placeholder's in the job box/calendar so you can customise the view as well.

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