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Leave Requests for Smart Timesheets
Leave Requests for Smart Timesheets

Add leave requests and mark technicians as unavailable

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Schedulers can add leave (Public holiday, Annual leave, RDO leave)

Technicians can also request leave through the mobile app, which will be reviewed and approved by a scheduler before it is added to timesheets.

Leave request workflow

Add Leave request on mobile (Technician)

Technicians can add and view leave requests on the Request Leave page on Mobile, which is available from the Menu on the upper right side of your mobile screen.

Once clicked, scroll down and click on Request leave

You can now see the Add leave request button

Approve or decline leave requests (Scheduler)

The leave request is then review by a scheduler who set a status for the technician to see:

  1. Pending - default status 

  2. Declined - this can be set by the scheduler for the technician to see

  3. Approved - When a leave request is marked as approved timesheet records are created for the requested time. Leave requests approved on Saturday or Sunday do not create Timesheets. Technicians will be marked as unavailable in the calendar for the duration of the approved leave.

You can go to Timesheets > Leave request if you want to approve or deny the leave request.

By clicking on the dropdown, you can either decline or approve the leave.

The request can be deleted by clicking on the 'Edit' which will delete all the related timesheet entries. 

If a timesheet is added over the same time period as leave, the leave will be removed and the timesheet (normal time and penalty) will be added instead.

Leave Requests can also be used with our standard timesheet solution, however it will not calculate the RDO.

Leave request reminder setup (Scheduler)

When a leave request is added you can have an email go to the scheduler with a link to review and edit the request. You can also setup an SMS notification to be sent to a technician when a request is approved or declined. Setup leave request reminder messages in Reports - Timesheets - Settings


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