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Portal web form for adding jobs
Portal web form for adding jobs

Let your customer and franchisees add jobs from your portal form

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Grow your business and save valuable time for your booking team by capturing customer details and book jobs through the online portal web form. This available to all users and super easy to setup.ย 

All jobs captured through the online form will be booked in as unscheduled and appear under the mini calendar in the unscheduled jobs list immediately when they are booked for your schedulers to follow up.

You can also create and set a custom job status for these jobs so that you can easily find them in the followup report and send triggered messages to confirm the booking.

The form will capture customer details, site notes and job type (the customer can see a list of all your job types).


To start using the web form, go to settings - business tab and scroll down to Your portal. Copy the URL (web address) for the form and give this to your customers to book a job.

  • Check if you want to show your job types as a dropdown on the form for the customer

  • Select a default job status for the portal jobs. If you need to add a new job status, you can do that in settings under the Job details tab.

The web form can be incorporated into a business website, ask your web developer to help you with this.


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