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Follow up Report

How to run the follow up report and filter by pending status and region

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If you have already saved your filters you can skip step 1-3. 

  1. Click on Reports and select Follow up in the top navigation

2. Click on change filter

3. Add your filter, in this example we want to show incomplete jobs for a specific region (for how to build regions click here). 

  • Select status incomplete

  • Select Region in the dropdown menu

  • Click save to save this search for quick access

  • Enter a name for this search

4. Select your saved search from the dropdown search box

5. Your Follow up report is displayed, overdue jobs are displayed in red, with the due column showing the number of days the job is over due (you can customise this report further in settings). 

6. Click export to save this report as a spreadsheet (csv file)

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