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Pump type - add rates for your pumps
Pump type - add rates for your pumps

Set individual rates for your pump types

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Pump types needs to be created in settings - pump type tab to ensure that all the pricing/rates can be established when scheduling a job and generating your Scheduleflow SmartDockets.

There are three steps to setup your pump types, three pump types have been created for you already, you can edit these as needed r create addintional

Step 1 - Add inventory items

If you haven't already, add or edit the inventory items for your pump rates, you can use one item for more than one pump:

  1. Cubic meteres pumped

  2. Hourly travel rate

  3. Hourly pump rate

  4. Flate rate (optional)

For more information on how to add and edit inventory items see:
Manage pump inventory items

Step 2 - setup pump types

In settings - pump type tab click Add pump type 

  1. Name the pump type

  2. Select the inventory items for cubic metres, travel hours and pump hours

Flate rate (Optional)

If you charge a flat rate for your concrete you can adda flat rate to cover the first hours and cubic metres pumped. 

  1. Check the Flat rate checkbox

  2. Select the Service inventory item that you created for flat rate 

  3. Select how many cubic meters and hours you want to include in the flat rate

Step 3 - select the requested pump type on the job

When scheduling a job, select the requested pump type to use the pricing setup for the pump. 

On confirm docket the hours and cubic metres are added to the job items ready to invoice. 

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