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Manage Pump Inventory Items

Add, Edit or Delete a Pump Inventory Items

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Every Pump type needs to be created in Inventory to ensure that all the pricing/rates can be established (at the pump level) and this information is then linked to Pump and Unit types for Quoting and Invoicing and generation of your Scheduleflow SmartDockets.

To Create a new Inventory item go to Inventory > Pump Rates.
Note:  We include 3 Pump and a Line as default in the account, you can rename these as necessary and add additional.


  • For every pump/boom or line you need to ensure corresponding item is added to the following tabs 'Pump rates', 'Travel rates' , 'Cubic meters' and 'Flat rate' (optional).   

  • If you use (rename our default pumps) then ensure you rename/edit the corresponding item in the other tabs.  

  • If you add a new item then ensure that corresponding is added to the other tabs.

You can 'Add Pump rate', 'Edit Categories' or 'Edit Status'.
When 'Adding' a pump select 'Add Pump Rate'

Complete the relevant details and click 'Save item'.

Repeat this for 'Travel rate' and 'Cubic rates' for the pump based on whether it is new or renamed pump. Add the flat rate is in service items.

Additional Inventory Items

You may want to set rates for:

  • Overtime rates

  • Additional Labour

  • Additional charges

  • Services (ie professional services associated with the job)

  • Product (other than concrete specific items)

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