Configure what information is accessible for your technicians in the field. 

1. Open Settings - Misc

Click on Settings - Misc and scroll down to Mobile App

Mobile App Settings

  • AM/PM time format for jobs - check this to use am/pm instead of 24h clock

  • Redirect to the next page after job status change - check this to load the next page when technicians change the status on a job

  • Show Job history to worker - check this if you want technicians to have access to previous job notes for the site. Checking this does not give access the jobs

  • Show Customer history to worker - This shows the customer communication to the technician, including jobs created, SMS, emails, quotes and invoices sent

  • Allow workers access jobs of other workers - check this to show all jobs to all technicians

  • Show account customer on job page - show or hide the account customer

  • Show site customer on job page - show or hide the site customer

  • Show customer note on job page - check this to display the customer notes to the technicians

  • Assign technician to this job if they change a jobs status - check this if you want your technicians to be able to add them self to a job

  • Allow technician to delete files

  • Show customer's files to technicians

  • Allow worker accept jobs

  • Show Waze map link

  • Show end time for jobs - check this if you want your jobs to have an end time. Start time is mandatory

  • Make GPS mandatory for technicians - check this to make it mandatory to capture the GPS location when technicians use the app

  • Hide jobs of other workers from the list of all jobs - additional setting to hide jobs for other workers only in the all jobs list, this is useful when technicians search for their own jobs

  • Allow technicians send ETA message - Allow technicians to send SMS from the app, charges apply

  • Show hours and products - Check this if you want your technicians to be able to add job items in the field

  • Expand details on item create - check this if your technicians frequently add additional details to items in the field and need to see the more information

  • Default to show assets on this job - check this to select assets to show to the technician by default. They can still search to find any asset on the site.

  • Show timesheets - check this if you want technicians to submit, edit and add manual timesheets

  • Show job priority on the job list

  • Sort jobs for the day by time (default) or job priority

  • Account Customer Email on Driver app - check this if you want you technicians to have access to the Account customer email

Customise the Job list on Mobile

Select the information that you want your Technicians to see on the job list page on mobile. By default, Job status and site (customer) name is displayed on the right and the project/job number, job time, address are displayed on the left. Additional information can be added under these fields using placeholders. There are several options available, including most project, job, and customer information and custom fields.

Planned task on a job

When adding a job the scheduler can add To-do tasks, Safety documents (SWMS, JSA, pre starts checklists), Tests and defects for the technician to complet on the job. These planned tasks appear in the heading showing the total number of tasks and the number of task completed.

Completed tasks

Learn more

Job priority

Plan to fix a defect on a job

Plan an asset test on a job

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